Mercedes Viano extra information

Mercedes Viano„The Mercedes Viano is essentially a van with more seats, so there’s loads of interior space.“

Available in three body sizes, Compact, Long and Extra Long, the Mercedes Viano is based on the Mercedes Vito commercial van and comes in two trims, Trend and Ambient. As standard the Mercedes-Benz Viano comes with a 2-3-3 layout offering seating for up to seven passengers plus the driver. Other layouts include a 2-2-2 layout of six individual chairs, with a centre row that can also be fitted facing backwards. All benches and individual seats slide on rails and are completely removable to offer a vast load carrying area. There are three diesel engine options available, including a range-topping 3.0-litre V6 with 220bhp.

Top-spec models can carry up to seven passengers in comfort
Available in three body sizes, the two long wheelbase versions offer massses of passenger legroom, whilst headroom is plentiful in all models. The extra long versions simply add increased levels of boot space to long wheelbase versions. The standard model is adequate for most owners however. The seats are all comfortable and the the cabin is well protected from road noise, despite its commercial origins. Limited edition Avantagarde 125 models take interior comfort to luxury car levels – but it’s really pricey.

Huge cabin is very versatile
The twin-sliding doors make getting in and out of the Viano very easy, they are also very useful in tight car parking spaces. The standard seating layout consists of two front seats and two sliding three-seater rear benches, offering seating for seven passenegers and a driver. Optional arm-chair seats are available as an option replacing either row of benches, they can also be fitted in reverse, facing one-another, to create a mobile meeting room. The arm-chairs fold flat to create tables or can be removed altogether to create a huge loading bay- storing them is tricky however and they are very heavy. The large door pockets and glovebox are handy for storing loose items and the roof-hinged tailgate provides a useful shelter from the elements when loading and unloading luggage.

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